About Us


To provide "wanting to study" average children in villages and rural areas an opportunity to go to college / university.


To consulting, conduct workshops, certification in the areas of leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Who we are?

We are an organisation working towards the upliftment of the society, by strengthening the foundation of the next generation. EDUCATION, the foundation for the child's future, if provided in the right manner, can help build a strong nation. We aim to help the under privileged children from the rural India achieve their dreams through education.

What we do?

We identify needy children and help them in their education by sponsoring their studies. We have designed a model in which a child, who benefits through BELIEF, takes the responsibility to identify and help another needy child. We aim to cascade the effect by geographic progression. Also we adopt schools in Indian villages and improve their infrastructure, thereby improving the quality of education for the entire community in the village.

Why are we doing this?

Education is an effective tool for bringing social change through community development. The Annual Status of Education Report 2010 says 96.5% of the children in the age group between 6 to 14 years in the rural India are enrolled in schools. But only 66% of the students complete the primary education. The reason for the children dropping out are many, the most important one being the inability of the rural families to provide the education another major reason being the necessity of the child to start earning to support the household expenses.

Even for those students who continue to pursue their studies, the quality of education that they get is way behind what is actually required. Why is it so? Inadequate infrastructure in the rural schools, both physical and intellectual. Till date schools in the rural areas are mostly run by the state. Most of the schools cry for attention for their infrastructure facilities. There are several instances of 2 or more classes being conducted in a single room or classes conducted under the trees. One teacher required to handle all the primary classes. After understanding these harsh realities of the education in the Indian villages, we wanted to help the future generation, by providing them the right quality of education.